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North Wokingham Strategic Development Location


So where is this SDL?


Situated on the south side of the A329(M), it will virtually subsume all undeveloped land (Cantley Park excepted) from the Toutley Industrial Estate in the west (south of the M4/A329(M) interchange) along the boundary of the A329(M) and towards the Coppid Beech roundabout in the east.

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for the North Wokingham Strategic Development Location (SDL) was the subject of public consultation that concluded on 23rd March 2010.


A tabular consolidation of views expressed can be found on the WBC website at: envi ronment/planning/news -and-informat ion/



WBC responses to this public consultation are anticipated by the end of May when it is understood that they will be incorporated into the aforementioned tabular report.


Traffic implications:


With the phased development of 1,500 house (three times that proposed at Sandford Farm), there will be major implications for the local highway network.

One such option under consideration is the establishment of a new interchange

where the A321 currently crosses the A329(M). However, this interchange, known as the Ashridge Interchange, will only support access to or from Bracknell, and

hence at best can only afford a 50% solution to new North Wokingham residents.


Even so, such an interchange would inevitably result in increased traffic on the A321 and fundamentally through Hurst, via Wards Cross.


Flood threats:


HVS is also concerned that increased storm water runoff from such a vast built-up area into the Toutley Brook and subsequently the Emm Brook will result in increased flooding in the Hurst area.


Again, we continue to await WBC’s response to the public consultation exercise.