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A Golden Age in Film - Wednesday 6 November 2019





























A golden Age in Film tells the story of the BBC’s Film Department from the earliest days of television until the 1980s when video cameras were introduced.


The story is told in a video which lasts just over an hour and briefly explains the type of equipment and techniques used, and visits the locations where numerous TV programmes which relied on film were made.


Henry Farrar, whose career is followed, was born and brought up in Yorkshire. He worked for the BBC’s Film Unit at Ealing for 30 years, much of this time as a Film Cameraman


He travelled widely and filmed a variety of programmes including:

Documentaries in Belgium and France for Schools Television Reports from

Mexico and Guatemala with Alan Whicker

Blue Peter holidays in Singapore and Borneo

An expedition by Hovercraft though Amazonia

Travel and Adventure with David Attenborough in the South Pacific islands

Light Entertainment with The Two Ronnies and Dave Allen and Documentaries with members of the Royal Family

Henry will introduce the show and take questions after.


Wednesday 6 November 2019 St Nicholas School Hall 730pm




































Golden Age in Film