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The CD-ROM of Hurst


Explore Hurst and find out why we have road names such as Ward’s Cross, Dalby Close, and Martineau Lane. Which is the oldest part of Hurst, and how many pubs were there 100 years ago? Who lived in Hurst Lodge? Find out why the village so spread out, with small ‘hamlets’ like Whistley and Bill Hill.


We are delighted to bring you the entire contents of The Book of Hurst CD online so that everyone can enjoy the comprehensive history of the village researched and written by local historian and Hurst resident Henry Farrar.


Henry Farrar published The Book of Hurst, the most thoroughly researched and comprehensive history of the village, in 1984. All copies of the book were sold and unfortunately it is now out of print. However, in 2001 a completely revised edition of the book was published on CD-ROM, and included many new features and photographs.


The extensive history of the village and its surrounding area is illustrated with numerous maps and photographs, showing how Hurst has changed over the years. We hope that you enjoy viewing this fascinating history of our community.


The CD-ROM of Hurst
























The CD-ROM of Hurst contains a large number of images to illustrate the text and you may find it takes a long time to download.


A few of the images which appeared on the original CD-ROM cannot be included on this website because of copyright restrictions.



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The CD-ROM of Hurst


Hurst War Memorial

The Hurst War Memorial


In the churchyard of St.Nicholas Church, on top of the "wooded hill", stands a memorial to seventy men of Hurst who lost their lives in the two World Wars. These men have been remembered in a website dedicated to their memory, with biographies, photographs, maps and other reports about their lives.