Hurst Village Society

Preserving and enhancing the Parish of Hurst as a living community



Hurst Parish is predominantly agricultural, semi-rural and most people live here because of its character, community and the congeniality of living in an attractive village but close enough to major transport links and towns.


There has been some development over the years, but Hurst has managed to hold on to its character and maintain the feel of a village;  if you compare this to how much neighbouring villages have changed such as Binfield and Charvil, let alone the towns of Wokingham and Woodley, Hurst has done well to retain its identity.  The main reason why Hurst has been protected from major development so far is because back in the 1970’s a ‘Development Limit’ (previously known and often referred to as the ‘Village Envelope’ was drawn up and adopted by Wokingham District Council (as it was then) and has continued to be adopted for the time being.


The Society endeavours to review all Planning Applications submitted for Hurst, and those in neighbouring Parishes which are likely to have an impact on Hurst.


The Society will make its views known to the Planning Authority if it is of the view that an Application:

- would have a detrimental impact on the street scene and on the visual environment of the Parish;

- would have a detrimental impact by way of noise, pollution, or safety (especially traffic); or

- would otherwise adversely affect the amenity of the Parish.


If you wish to search Wokingham Borough Council's database for recent planning applications or decisions, please follow this link:http:


Wokingham Borough Council Search Planning Applications


Development Limit around Hurst in 2018.


The Development Limit (DL) is shown here.












































Any land inside the DL is, within reason and provided it adheres to various planning policies (see below), allowed.   Any land outside the DL, is protected by policies, both local and nationally.  


Once one piece of land is allowed to be developed outside the DL, then this will set a precedent for all the surrounding land outside the DL to be built and it is on this basis that Hurst Village Society seeks to protect and preserve the surrounding land around Hurst.  It is an ‘all’ or ‘nothing’ approach.  


Currently, the main policies that have to be addressed are:


- Wokingham Borough Council Core Strategy (2010).   This is valid until 2026 and is currently under review and the main core strategy policies are here  The key policies for development in Hurst are CP1, CP3, CP7, CP9 and CP11 and you will see these policies are referred to over and over again when we are commenting on planning applications.


- The WBC Managing Development Delivery Plan (2014) builds on the Core Strategy and includes more detailed policies for development of the Borough .


- The key policies for Hurst are CC01 and CC02.

WBC also have Topic Based Policies, such as how they regard development in residential gardens


- Then you have the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) this drives all local and national policies, however this is currently under review and consultation (May 2018)



HVS Planning Representative:   Lou Robinson E-Mail:


Hurst Development Limit