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Poppies Farm - Planning Applications

Planning applications which relate to an existing and developing agricultural
and NEET (Not in employment, education or training) facility.

Planning Application - Change of use of land for the siting of a mobile home for agricultural worker's dwelling (221590)

HVS Letter of support to WBC including overview of all Poppies Farm applications - 29 June 22

Planning Application - Temporary Earth bund (221597)

HVS Letter to WBC- 29 June 22

Planning Applications - polytunnels (221593 and 221594)

HVS Letter to WBC - 29 June 22

Planning Application - piggery (221598)

HVS Letter to WBC - 29 June 22

Planning Application - educational facility, barn and pens (221567)

HVS Letter to WBC - 29 June 22

Planning Application Forest Road, change of use for siting of a mobile home (220441 - previously 214159)

HVS Letter to WBC - 11 Jan 22

WBC Letter to HVS - Withdrawal of application - 15 Feb 22

HVS objected to this application when it was submitted and is therefore
pleased that the applicant has withdrawn the application.

HVS letter to WBC regarding new application - 13 Mar 22

WBC Planning Decision - Approval - 15 Mar 22

Planning Application Grange Farm (211368) reapplied 1 Dec 21 as 213935

Public Consultation starts 12 May 2021 and ends 03 June 2021

View Letter of Objection written by HVS

Letter from HVS Chairman to PHAG regarding Planning request at Sawpit Road - 20 May 21

Letter from PHAG to HVS re Sawpit Road - 20 May 21

HVS Statements re Potential Planning Application in Sawpit Road.

HVS Statement regarding Sawpit Road 23 April 21

WBC Letter to HVS - 2 July 21 - Planning Permission Refused

Notification from WBC that application gone to appeal, letter not received from PINS - 8 Sep 21

Update Jan 22

Appeal to be determined on basis of an Informal Hearing (date & venue to be confirmed).

Deadline for submissions of Comments is Thursday 20th Jan 22.

View more details.

HVS Letter to Planning Inspectorate - 19 Jan 22

Update 8/9 February 2022

John Osborne on behalf of The Society spoke to the Planning Inspectorate yesterday (8th February) to clarify the position regarding the future Appeal. Regarding the change of procedure he was told that the request came  from Wokingham Borough Council, who felt that the Appeal could be dealt with under Written Representations which resulted in a review by one of the Inspectorate's most senior Inspectors who concluded that there is "no justification for a Hearing" and that "the Appeal will proceed by way of Written Representations". In our written representation which has already been submitted, The Society had also expressed a wish to speak at the Hearing, and is sorry to have lost that opportunity. If you have not so far submitted your written submissions because you too had wished to speak at the Hearing, you can still do this by sending an e-mail to east1@planninginspectorate.gov.uk quoting the Appeal reference; APP/X0360/W/21/3280255 and it is suggested this should be done by 22nd February 2022.

John spoke again this morning (9th February) to the Planning Inspectorate and was informed that the decision to change the procedure for determining this Appeal is now being reviewed again !! Watch this space for further up to date news!!

Update 17 February 2022
HVS was in contact again with the Planning Inspectorate today 17th February and they have confirmed that following a review this Appeal will be dealt with by Written Submissions rather than an Informal Hearing.

HVS Planning Letters

Planning Application Dunt Lane - change of use mobile home for independent residential purposes (212365) 

HVS letter to WBC - 23 August 21

WBC letter to HVS planning declined - 23 September 21

Planning permission refused

WBC Letter to HVS - notification of Appeal made against decision of WBC  - 28 Jan 22

Statement from HVS - 29 Jan 22

HVS notes that the applicant has submitted an Appeal to The Planning Inspectorate in relation to Wokingham Borough Council's decision to refuse this Planning Application. The Society will be sustaining it's original objection to this application and will be
forwarding a letter to The Planning Inspectorate reaffirming our position.

HVS Letter to Planning Inspectorate regarding Dunt Lane Appeal - 8 Feb 22

Planning Application for 5G Mast on Broadwater Lane (211667)

Public Consultation starts 19 May 2021 and ends 02 June 2021

View Letter of Objection written by HVS

WBC Letter to HVS -1 July 21 - Planning Permission Refused

WBC Letter to HVS -  Mast at Broadwater Lane gone to Appeal - 18 November 2021.  Deadline for comments 16 December 21.  

HVS will be sustaining its objection to the mast.  View HVS comments and details how to object here 21 Nov 21. 

HVS Letter of objection of Mast to Planning Inspectorate 11 Dec 21

Notice of Appeal Dismissal - 27 Jan 22

HVS Comment - 2 Feb 22

HVS welcomes the Planning Inspector's decision to dismiss this Appeal and that in doing so he agrees with the Society that there were  significant errors in the submitted material with the original application and that the installation of an 18 metre high mast on this site would be an intrusive and incongruous incursion into the pleasant semi-rural character of the locality. However it is important to note that the Inspector does "accept the need for a new installation in this general area in order to provide an acceptable telecommunications network utilising 5G technology" and the Society is aware that this is the view of a number of local residents and will therefore be looking closely at any future proposed sites to balance any potential or perceived harm on the character and appearance of the locality and the need for the installation. 

Allocation of Sites in Draft Local Plan

HVS Letter to WBC re Allocation of Sites in Draft Local Planning - 10 June 21
HVS Reminder Letter to WBC re Allocation of Sites - 1 July 21

HVS email to HPC Clerk - 6 July 21

WBC reply to HVS - 7 July 21

HVS letter to WBC re Allocation of Sites - 16 July 21

HVS email to HPC Clerk - 20 July 21

WBC Reply to HVS - 26 July 21

HPC Letter to WBC - 4 August 21

HVS Letter to WBC re allocation of sites in Local Plan - 22 Jan 22

Broadcommon Road - Leaper Land Proposal

Click here for page about proposal.

Planning Submitted (213378).  Public consultation ends 8 November 21

Letter from HVS Chairman to PHAG regarding request of funds to pay for feasibility study - 16 June 21

HVS Chairman in Wokingham Today - 30 May 21

Planning Application for 1 House & extension end of terrace at 1 Diamond Villas, Hurst, RG10 0DG (211871)

Public Consultation end date extended to 22 July 21

HVS Letter of Support 12 July 21

Planning permission refused

HVS Letter to WBC on Core Strategies - 15 June 21

WBC Letter to HVS re Core Strategies - 25 June 21

View all applications HVS have commented on from 2017-2020