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Society Rules

Proposed Amendments to the Rules of the Society at the May 2023 AGM

Rule 5

Proposed Rule 5i shall read;

'The General Committee shall consist of up to TWELVE (12) members of good standing who shall elect their own officers, namely Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and Social Secretary for the ensuing year.'

Reason for proposed changes; currently rule 5i allows that the “General Committee shall consist of FIFTEEN members”.

  • Over the past decade the Committee has generally only had on average 8-10 members.

  • If there were to be a full complement of FIFTEEN members this would make the management of the Committee unwieldly.

Rule 7

Proposed Rule 7iii shall read;

Membership of the Hurst Village Society shall be on the basis of an individual, not a household, and that each individual will be eligible to the benefits of The Hurst Village Society including the ability to register a single vote.

Reason for proposed changes; Currently rule 7iii says ‘individuals in the same household shall each have the same rights and privileges of membership’

  • Individual membership enables one member, one vote.  This will allow households to express their full range of views.

  • Each individual member will be entitled to their own membership benefit card.  

  • Membership numbers can more accurately be recorded

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