WBC Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan

WBC have recently launched a consultation on their Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP).  

The infrastructure improvements section in particular has suggestions that would be of interest to the residents of Hurst.  On the map if you click on Twyford you can see the proposals for Hurst.  The Winnersh section also contains proposals for Davis Street.

HVS recommends that Hurst residents look at the proposals and give their feedback.  The site will remain open for comments until Friday, 19 August.

The HVS committee have read the WBC Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) with great interest and notice the relevance of the LCWIP to the HVS Traffic Calming Strategy.  The HVS suggest that the village should feedback into the LCWIP whilst considering the bigger picture of traffic management.  WBC must deliver on a traffic management strategy if it is to deliver on the LCWIP outcomes. Therefore this new WBC aspiration project represents a wonderful opportunity to finally gain traction into improving the infrastructure of our much cherished village though the integration of walking and cycling strategy with a traffic management strategy.  Do not let this opportunity pass us by.  HVS, as always, is on-hand to take village feedback directly to the Hurst Parish Council to action.

The HVS traffic management strategy, that was presented to the Hurst Parish Council in Nov 21, remains one of the key issues for the HVS.  Feedback, of the traffic management strategy with relevance to the LCWIP, would be well received and it would be continued to be voiced at the Hurst Parish Council meetings.