Hurst Village Society

Preserving and enhancing the Parish of Hurst as a living community



HVS is aimed at preserving and enhancing the Parish of Hurst as a living community.  Each year, as funds allow, we try to undertake a project to improve the environment in which we live.  


If you have an idea for a future project, do get in touch to discuss it!



The Cricket Club


In 2010 HVS paid for the fencing around the cricket ground to be replaced with railings - opening up the centre of the village in the process.


Wayne Smith, Chair of HVS, said, "I am so pleased with the positive response we have received. Phone calls, e-mails, text messages have come in from villagers, congratulating us on the improvement to the village by opening up the view of the cricket ground.


"I would like to thank Fencing Products of Winnersh for carrying out such a tidy job, which fits in so well with the surrounding green space Also many thanks to Hurst Cricket Club, in particular Steve Rumble and John Jewell, who not only allowed us to carry out this work, but have given us their active support."


The Hurst Village Sign.


A special day for the village on Saturday 25th April 2015 when Rt Hon Theresa May, Home Secretary, unveiled the village sign.


Featured in the design by local artist Sally Castle is the 11th century church, the 150 year old cricket ground, the bowling green (reputed to be the second oldest in the country), farming, trees representing the early Windsor Great Forest, the Loddon lily, the village duck pond including the 21st century duck house.  


The children from the village primary school had been involved in selecting what went into the design


400 attended the family party which started at 1.30pm. There were drinks, food and balloons for the children.


Cllr Wayne Smith, chair of the HVS, said he was delighted that so many had turned  out to join in the fun day and  to witness the unveiling of the sign that had taken two years in planning, designing and erecting.


It was the heritage of Hurst in a picture in a wonderful setting.

IMG_7277-1 IMG_7277-1

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Entrance Gates


In November 2016 entrance Gates were erected          on four roads  leading into the Village of Hurst -.


  •  Twyford to Hurst

  •  Wokingham to Hurst

  •  Winnersh to Hurst

  •  Binfield to Hurst


A major project in 2017 is:


A Speeding Campaign


Watch out for full details early 2017


The Police are training local volunteers                       in the use of speed guns.



We are advised by the Police that over 50% of those caught speeding through the village are local residents. 




Gates x