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Local Recycling Options

In addition to recycling that is collected by WBC, there are various places locally you can take waste products to be recycled.  A selection are listed below.

WBC Recycling Information

WBC collect a wide range of products from your doorstep in your recycling box, as well as kitchen waste and garden waste.  Full information regarding what WBC will collect is on their website.

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Sainsburys in Winnersh

The nearest Sainsbury's to Hurst that offers recycling is in Winnersh.  Where you can recycle:

  • Books Recycling

  • Cans Recycling

  • Clothes Recycling

  • Glass Recycling

  • Paper and Card Recycling

  • Plastic Recycling

  • Tetrapak Recycling

  • Water Filter Recycling

  • Batteries

For more information of what you can recycle at Sainsburys, including details of recycling electronic items in-store, click here.

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HaaHoos Twyford & Sheeplands Harehatch

Both HaaHoos in Twyford and Sheeplands Harehatch have recycling boxes and will take:

  • Crisp, nuts, popcorn and the like packaging  (fold or flatten the packets to pack others inside)

  • Plastic rolls on, caps, trigger sprays, flexible tubes and pots,

  • single use wipe packets

  • dishwasher outer packaging and salt bags, stain remover, flexible product refils

  • bread bags

  • toothpaste and tooth brushes

  • beauty and make up packaging

All items should be separated.  

HaaHoos Sheeplands Merged.jpg

Glass Recycling

The Green Man pub on Hinton Road, is the closest place where you can recycle glass. 

There are also bins available in the Polehampton Car Park in Twyford.

The Green Man.jpg

Other places locally that offer recycling

Binhams Brewery in Twyford recycple crisp, nuts, popcorn etc packaging.

Fields Pharmacy, Longfield Road, Twyford recycle Blister Packs

For recycling Printer ink and toner cartridges, visit the Stinkyink cartridge recycling website.

To find out more local recycling options just enter your postcode into the TerraCycle website.  There is also lots of information on the WBC website.

Twyford Rethinks Its Plastic - TRIP facebook page is also a good source of information.

Local Recycling Options: Programs
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