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Planning Application 220458 

12 March 23

HVS thank you letter to WBC

HVS thank you letter to HPC


View Appeal decision here

This of course is very good news for the village, and we’ll done to everybody who contributed so positively to the Inquiry. 
The exact reasons as to why the Inspector has dismissed the Appeal will become clear once there has been an opportunity to study the Decision Notice in detail. It is encouraging to note that whilst the Inspector accepts that WBC are not meeting their 5 year hosing supply he gives them credit for the number of houses that have been built in the Borough and as a result he has been willing to apply significant weight to relevant policies that in such circumstances would normally be considered out of date. He also appears satisfied with the spatial vision and that WBC’s chosen method of distributing new housing throughout the Borough has prevented it from achieving satisfactory housing delivery to date which is why he is saying it would not be sensible to grant planning permission for a significantly over-sized development which would run counter to this spatial vision.

Appeal commenced 31st January 2023

Closing submissions and statements

These are available on the WBC portal, you can also download them below

Key Documents of Interest from the Appeal can be viewed below: 

Today at The Inquiry - Friday 10th February 2023;

The eight day Planning Appeal Public Inquiry into the proposed developments at Land East of Lodge Road (Tape Lane) ended today with Closing Submissions.

The Inspector initially invited any submissions from individual members of the local community and two residents talked through prepared statements. Mr Alex Shattock spoke on behalf of Hurst Parish Council, followed by Mr Matt Lewin on behalf of The Local Planning Authority (Wokingham Borough Council). As would have been hoped the two submissions dovetailed very well and made a strong case to the Inspector that the benefits of this scheme are significantly and demonstrably outweighed by the substantial number of harms and both Barristers respectfully invited The Inspector to dismiss the Appeal.

The final submission to the Inquiry was made by Mr Rupert Warren K.C. on behalf of the Appellant who offered a contrary view to that of his two learned friends in respect of the evidence heard during the Inquiry and on that basis sought to convince the Inspector that the Appeal must be allowed and hence Planning Permission granted. All these documents will be available to access easily on the Society's web-site as soon as possible.

In closing the Inquiry the Inspector requested the interested parties to forward signed copies of various outstanding documents ( Unilateral Undertaking, Draft Conditions) to him by the 24th February 2023 and he thanked everybody for the manner in which they had contributed to the Inquiry.

Hurst Village Society would like to thank the Parish Council for acting as a Rule 6 Party on behalf of the whole community and for preparing a case to put before the Inspector. In addition a Very Big Thank You to those individual residents who spoke at the Inquiry and those who attended the sessions at the Council Chamber, Shute End many who were there for all eight days.

Thursday 9th February

View Site Visit Route here.  Visit taking place afternoon Thursday 9th Feb

Commentary - Wednesday 8th February

The Appellants concluded their evidence today with Miss Allison Jones dealing with Planning Policy and the Overall Planning Balance, and Mr Hartley dealing with Trees. They were both individually taken through their evidence by Mr Rupert Warren K.C. and then cross examined in turn by both Mr Lewin and Mr Shattock.

Tomorrow (Thursday), in the morning there is a round table conference between the Interested Parties dealing with any draft Unilateral Agreement and draft Conditions (that would apply only if the Inspector was minded to allow the Appeal and hence grant planning permission). In the afternoon the Inspector together with representatives from The Appellant, Wokingham Borough Council and Hurst Parish Council will visit Hurst. They will visit the application site and follow a pre-agreed route and visit other places in Hurst that the Inspector has requested to see in order to give him a greater understanding and a visual appreciation of the detailed evidence and he has taken during the Inquiry. He will not hear any further evidence or enter into any further discussion with the Interested Parties during the visit.

The Inquiry is scheduled to end on Friday 10th February 2023, with Closing Submissions made by the Barristers representing the Three Interested Parties. As soon as possible after these documents are put in the public domain they will appear on The Society's web-site for you to study at your leisure. Please if you have attended the Inquiry and have any comments, or indeed any general comments on the process, please don't hesitate to share them with us on

Commentary - Tuesday 7th February

As the Inquiry entered it's second week, the whole day was given over to Sustainability.

Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) concluded their case to the Inquiry with the evidence of Mr Gordon Adam, dealing with the sustainability of the site location. He was taken through his evidence by Mr Lewin the Barrister acting on behalf of WBC, who once Mr Warren K.C. had cross examined him on behalf of the Appellant, took the opportunity to rexamine the Council's last expert witness.

Roles were reversed in the afternoon when Mr Whittingham gave his evidence on Sustainability issues on behalf of the Appellant. As well as being cross examined by Mr Lewin, this witness was also cross examined by Mr Shattock the Barrister acting on behalf Hurst Parish Council.

The Inspector concluded this session by inviting those individuals who had submitted statements to The Inquiry to cross-examine the witness and three individuals and Hurst Village Society took the opportunity to do this.

The Appellant will be calling their final two witnesses tomorrow, Ms Jones on Planning Policy and the Overall Planning Balance, followed by Mr Hartley on Trees.

Commentary - Friday 4th February 2023

As he agreed to do, the Inspector opened the Inquiry this morning by inviting three local residents to each make a statement as they had been unable to attend the Inquiry earlier in the week.

The evidence of Mr Friend, a landscape architect, engaged by the Appellant was completed when he was cross examined by the two Barristers representing Wokingham Borough Council and Hurst Parish Council. Mr Warren K.C. then took the opportunity on behalf of the Appellant to re-examine his witness. The only other witness to appear today was Mr Alan Rooney who was taken through his  evidence on Flood Risk as a result of the potential new development by Mr Warren. Neither Mr Lewin or Mr Shattock offered any cross examination of this witness.

It is very pleasing to be able to report that at the invitation of the Inspector three local residents very knowledgably, professionally and forcefully took the opportunity to challenge the witness on Flood Risk which is of great concern to the local community. The main contention they raised was that whilst there was evidence to show flood prevention measures in relation to any new houses on the site, there was no evidence to show how water coming off this site would be prevented from potentially flooding existing homes, which of course is a material planning consideration. Thank you to them !!!

Commentary - Thursday 2nd February

An eventful day at the Inquiry today 2nd February at which Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) continued putting their case before the Inspector. Mrs. Fiona Jones gave evidence on planning policy.and the overall planning balance. She was then cross examined for some two hours by Mr Rupert Warren K.C. on behalf of the Appellant. She was  then asked further questions both by the Inspector and the WBC Barrister Mr Matt Lewin.  

It is of interest to note that the experts put forward by Wokingham Borough Council are not allowed to be "cross examined" by Mr Alex Shattock the Barrister representing Hurst Parish Council because as they are seeking the Appeal to be dismissed as are WBC this would be seen as a second re-examination of the witness which is not permitted by the Inquiry rules.

As WBC's final witness Mr Gordon Adam dealing with the sustainability of the site's location cannot give evidence until the next week, the afternoon seesion was given over in the main to Hurst Parish Council presenting their case. Councillor Wayne Smith dealt with Sustainability and Transport, and also Landscape Character. Reading through the summaries of his proof s of evidence he was then taken through his comments by Mr Alex Shattock. He then underwent cross-examination by Rupert Warren KC and also answered some questions on The Local Neighbourhood Plan which were posed by The Inspector.

Other than the cross examination of the Appellants experts and a closing submission at the end of the Inquiry that concluded the case for the Parish Council acting as a Rule 6 Party. The Appellants then commenced their case with Mr Warren KC taking their expert on Landscape and Locality Mr Friend through his evidence.

The Inquiry will commence tomorrow at 9.30 with the Inspector inviting evidence from two further interested local residents, followed by the cross examination of Mr Friend by both the Barristers representing WBC and also Hurst Parish Council.

Commentary - Wednesday 1st February

Today at the Inquiry, Mr Chris Hannington finished giving evidence for WBC on landscape and trees and stood up well to a vigorous cross examination by Rupert Warren K.C.  representing the Appellant. Mr Ian Church also gave evidence on behalf of WBC dealing with Planning policy and the Council’s current current housing land supply position. This is a very important issue on which the Planning Inspector will need to make a decision and again he was vigorously cross examined by Mr Warren K. C. representing the Appellant.

Tomorrow 2nd February the Inquiry will start at the earlier time of 9.30am. In what is likely to be both an important day the Inspector is expecting to hear evidence from Mrs. Fiona Jones on behalf of WBC dealing with Planning policy and the overall planning balance. In addition Councillor Wayne Smith will be giving evidence on behalf of St. Nicholas Hurst Parish Council.

Hurst Village Society Taxi Service to Tape Lane/Lodge Road Appeal at Wokingham Borough Council - 23 January 23
HVS is coordinating a free to use taxi (5 seat) during the first week of the sitting which is available to residents of Hurst, especially those who may not drive or have concerns about parking/accessibility issues.

Taxi service for the following Appeal Dates:

Tue 31 Jan to Fri 3 Feb
10.00am to 5pm (Fri  9.30am to 3.30pm)

Venue: Wokingham Borough Council, Council Chambers, Shute End, Wokingham RG40 1BN.

Times of Taxi Service

Hurst to Wokingham: 09:30, 11.30 & 13.30
Wokingham to Hurst: 12:00, 14:00 & 16:00

Hurst Pick-up Point: Hurst Village Halls Car Park
Wokingham Drop-Off Point: Shute End Car Park


To book transport during the dates Tue 31 Jan to Fri 3 Feb, contact HVS at, Stating:

  • Name;

  • Contact Telephone Number;

  • Number of People in the group;

  • Date Required;

  • Out Time from Hurst;

  • Return Time from Wokingham

Hurst Parish Council Drop-in Session

Lodge Road (Tape Lane) Appeal against 200 Houses
Friday 20th January 4pm – 7pm
St Nicholas School Hall

St Nicholas Hurst Parish Council invites you to a drop-in session for the Lodge Road / Tape Lane appeal on Friday 20th January between 4pm and 7pm.

HPC urge villagers to try and attend so the appeal process can be explained and individuals wishing to speak at the appeal can come forward. A comprehensive FAQ will be handed out too (you can access it here). If you feel passionately about this appeal, please try to find time to attend.

·        To explain the appeal process

·        St Nicholas Hurst Parish Council's role as Rule 6 party

·        Rule 6 / individual presentations

·        Dependency upon residents attending

·        Travel and parking

·        Questions & Answers


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