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Local Information

With many different businesses and groups based in and around Hurst, the following is a list of services, activities and other things you may find useful.  

It is not exhaustive, so if you would like to be added to this section, please email one of the HVS committee members with details and we will try to include you.

What's On.  

For up-to-date information what is on locally visit the Wooded Hill website.



Halls for Hire

Hurst Village Hall - Large.jpg

Schools, Playgroups, & Activities


Clubs, Societies, & Leisure

Hurst Bowling Green.jpg

Medical & Veterinary Services

Twyford Surgery.jpeg

Local Public Services


Shops & Businesses

Hurst Post Office.jpg

Bus, Train and Other Transport

Train Twyford Train Station.jpeg



Local Recycling Options

WBC New Recycling Bags.jpg
Local Information: Programs
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