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HURST: A new look at an Ancient Parish

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HURST: A new look at an Ancient Parish

by Henry Farrar is now out and for sale in the wine shop at Stanlake Park or by contacting the

The book is an updated, improved version of Henrys original 1984 book. 

From the Foreword of the book:

Henry has undertaken a considerable task of research in order to improve our knowledge of the neighbourhood we live in and its history. Whether you have lived in the Parish of Hurst for many years or are a newcomer to the area, this book tells us how the parish has evolved over the centuries. Throughout time people have struggled with change and this book gives a fascinating insight into how and why this came about. We learn how the forest gradually made way for grazing and dwellings, followed by the changes that came about under the control firstly of the Church and then, with the dissolution of the monasteries, the transfer of power to courtiers and servants of the Crown. Of particular interest is how our villages, streets and roads got their names providing historical references to the past. Deforestation, trade, transport and the part that agriculture and farming have played are all put into context. The Tithe Survey of 1840 along with the first detailed modern national census of 1841 give us a vivid and accurate snapshot of life in the parish. It is important that we understand our heritage and that the facts, which might otherwise be lost, are preserved for those who follow. We owe a huge debt to Henry Farrar for giving us this knowledge and for his inspiring lead.

Hugo Vickers, the historian was very impressed by Henry’s book, saying he thought it was one of the very best local history books he had seen and how very important it was that this local history is preserved in this way.

You can also view the 2001 version of The Book of Hurst CD online.  The CD-ROM of Hurst contains a large number of images to illustrate the text and you may find it takes a long time to download.

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