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The Society is based in the rural village of Hurst in the Royal County of Berkshire, England. The primary concern of the Society is to protect the physical environment and maintain the rural aspect of the area. It aims also to promote greater use of the village amenities and services and to encourage their expansion.

Latest News

  • View recent objections to Planning Applications written by HVS

  • Planning application anticipated for Broadcommon Lane.  View details provided by Leaper Land.

Society Aims - The Society endeavours to review all Planning Applications submitted for Hurst and those in neighbouring Parishes which are likely to have an impact on Hurst. The Society makes its views known to the Planning Authority if it is of the view that an Application may have a detrimental effect upon the village.


Local Business Feature - Hurst Studios

The cover photograph of the Spring 2021 HVS magazine was taken by Hurst resident Alexis Jaworski.  

Alexis now has a studio in Hurst in his home in Whistley Green.  For more information about Alexis and his ethos view our first Local Business Feature on Hurst Studios

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Make your voice heard!  By joining HVS - we have a strong voice on planning issues in the parish. It costs only £5 per year for a household. And we are not just about planning - we organise social events, improve the village environment and run entertainments and other parish activities.

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From piano teacher to plasterer, there's probably someone in Hurst with the skill you need.  Follow the link below to see the full Skills Register.  If you live in the village and  want to be included, we charge an annual fee per entry: £20 if you are a member of the Hurst Village Society, £25 if you are a non-member .

More on skills register

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Hurst Shire Horses

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