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Hurst Studios - Alexis Jaworski

Hurst Studios - Alexis Jaworski: Programs

Alexis Jaworski

The cover photograph of the Spring 2021 HVS magazine was taken by Hurst resident Alexis Jaworski.  Alexis moved to Hurst in 2006 and has been a professional full-time photographer since 2012 and in 2019 he started transitioning to full time portrait photographer.

He now has a studio in Hurst in his home in Whistley Green.  

Alexis explains the ethos of his photography below.

field cover pic.jpg

Hurst Studios

'At Hurst Studios we know that you want to be reminded every day of what you love the most; the people, the relationships, pets and experiences. In order to do that, you need to capture more than just an image, you need to capture the essence of those that you love the most. We live everyday with a camera in our pocket, but these memories are often lost in a sea of photos and with time, these memories fade.'



'We forget the joy of a childs smile, the beauty that we see in our loved ones, the unconditional love of our pets and the strength of character we had in our best moments. At Hurst Studios, we believe you deserve to capture these moments in time, so you can remember them forever through wall art in your homes.'

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